Library Lovers’ Month Interview with Jim Wilson

February is Library Lovers’ month! We’re featuring short interviews with a few Vermillion Public Library patrons to find out what they have to say about their local library. Our first interview with Jim Wilson is featured below.

Library Lovers month

Q: Can you share a time when you found something in the collection of the
Vermillion Public Library that brought a fresh new insight and expanded your
world view?  
A: Once or twice a month I find something totally unexpected, that is
something I was not looking for when I got to the Library.  Six months ago I
found On The Origin of Tepees by Jonnie Hughes.  Great title.
Interesting book. Titles and covers often attract me for various odd reasons.
All books expand my worldview and provide fresh insights into either the world
or my mind.  Can be depressing to realize there is not enough time to read all
the good or bad books, but we have to try.

Q: What aspect or aspects of the vermillion Public Library do you find the most valuable? 
A: I am addicted to the new book shelf.  It is like a small Christmas every time I come in.  There are generally wonderful surprises, books that I am unaware of, books that I have read reviews of and didn’t think I would like but find that the cover draws me
in.  The new book shelf is a source of  delight and wonder.  Much easier for me
to browse the new book shelf than to browse books electronically on my kindle or
ipad. Like to be able to pick them up and physically flip through them.

Looking forward to completion of the building so that we will have a good meeting room back.

Q: If you were helping a new citizen to become familiar with Vermillion, what would you tell them about the Vermillion Public Library? 
A: I would certainly tell them to get a library card, ask for a tour of the building and learn what the library has to offer.   Good place to find out what is happening in town.  Good place to do research on local history.  Comfortable place to use.

Q: What can the staff at the Vermillion Public Library do to make your day? 
A: The staff is helpful, friendly and very accommodating.  They are always pleasant and have gone out of their way to be helpful in setting up meeting rooms and resolving difficulties about meetings, difficulties that likely arose because of my error or failure to communicate.

The Vermillion Public Library is one of the best places in town.

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