Library Lovers’ Month Interview With Abby VanPeursem

Library Lovers month

Abby VanPeursem, one of our teens, shares why she loves the Vermillion Public Library!

Q: Can you share a time when you found something in the collection of the Vermillion Public Library that brought a fresh new insight and expanded your world view?
A: I was really excited to discover the American Girl History Books! They have helped me learn so much about people, places, and events from different time periods.

Q: What aspect or aspects of the Vermillion Public Library do you find the most valuable?
A: I think the fabulous collection of books that our Library has, and the wonderfully, helpful staff are the 2 aspects that make our Library the most valuable.

Q: If you were helping a new citizen to become familiar with Vermillion, what would you tell them about the Vermillion Public Library?
A: If a person was new to Vermillion I would tell them that our Library was the most amazing place in Vermillion!

Q: What can the staff at the Vermillion Public Library do to make your day?
A: Just being at the Library with the great staff makes my day!


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