Library Lovers’ Month Interview with Cathy Beard


Q: Can you share a time when you found something in the collection of the Vermillion Public Library that brought a fresh new insight and expanded your world view?
A: Browsing the shelves I discovered American Primitive, poems by Mary Oliver (it might have been Twelve Moons, but both books are 5 stars!). Never had I read poetry that expressed so vividly, so tenderly the spirit of animals and human’s connection to that spirit. This introduction to Mary Oliver remains fresh decades later.

New insight: E. O. Wilson’s Sociobiology. It is became a controversial book in the academic world, but I knew none of that, thankfully. I found his insights mind-expanding.

Also, Ann Patchett’s What Now?  She gives me permission to sit and stare.

Q: What aspect or aspects of the Vermillion Public Library do you find the most valuable?
A: Access to books, new and old. Interlibrary loan. Copying machine. Helpful staff.

Q: If you were helping a new citizen to become familiar with Vermillion, what would you tell them about the Vermillion Public Library?
Visit soon. You will find it a welcoming and light-filled space. Gracious staff.

Q: What can the staff at the Vermillion Public Library do to make your day?
A: My question (because the staff always makes my day) is what I can do….







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