Water, Water — South Dakota’s Ground Water

South Dakota’s Ground Water / A Program by Derric Iles, State Geologist

Thursday, July 18th
7 pm, Kozak Community Room
drinking water image

It’s probably safe to say that many of us take our drinking water for granted. This presentation will show why ground water is important to South Dakota and will briefly examine the major sources of ground water in the state. Some potential sources of ground-water contamination will be mentioned and an example of the vulnerability of one of the state’s major aquifers to contamination will be shown. Lastly, some results of testing from one of the best ambient ground-water quality monitoring networks in the country will be given.

Derris Iles is the State Geologist and Administrator of the Geological Survey Program, South Dakota Department of Environmental and Natural Resources.

Look forward to seeing you Thursday evening, July 18th. Please feel free to call the Library with any questions at 677-7060.

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