Writing as Meditation (Rescheduled!)

The workshop begins with an introduction to the practice of meditation through writing. After the introduction, we will engage in writing exercises that explore this mode of bringing ourselves to awareness and peacefulness. This workshop is fun for those who love to journal and helpful for those who would like some tools to help them fall in love with writing. Please bring your favorite tools for writing: beautiful journals, utilitarian spiral notebooks, laptops, and paper napkins are all welcome.

This class is organized and led by Dr. Kaiya Ansorge, academically trained in psychology, philosophical theology, and religion.  She has taught courses in religion, spirituality, ethics, spiritual environmentalism, and spiritual writing.  Because Kaiya loves to explore the spirituality of place, she has lived, studied, written, and traveled her way through 23 countries, spread across 5 continents. Her previous works include The Nature of Miracle, The Relationship between the Word and the Thing, Wrath, “How to Use the 7 Chakras to Get in Touch with Personal Vitality,” and “Ascension: a Different Kind of Gravity.”  Kaiya has appeared in Theology Today, Daily Cup of Yoga, and Your Motivational High 5. She leads group and individual sessions, classes, workshops, and meditations in various locations and online.  You can find her and her free videos and audio pieces at kaiyaansorge.com.  You can connect with her through facebook.com/kaiyaansorge or twitter.com/KaiyaAnsorge.

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