Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn returns in time for Black History Month! Join us in the Kozak Room for lunch and a PBS Independent Lens documentary film by Shukree Hassan Tilghman, MORE THAN A MONTH.

The young African-American filmmaker sets out on a cross-country campaign to end Black History Month. Through this thoughtful and humorous journey, he explores what the treatment of history tells us about race and equality in a “post-racial” America. 

Tilghman’s campaign to end Black History Month is a provocative gambit to open a public conversation about the idea of ethnic heritage months, and whether relegating African American history to the shortest month of the year – and separating it from American history on the whole – denigrates the role of black people and black culture throughout American history. But it is also a seeker’s journey to reconcile his own conflicting feelings about his own identity, history, and convictions. 

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