Local Authors

Below is a list of authors in our collection from South Dakota and the Siouxland area. Click on the author’s name to see which titles we have in the catalog!

Mary Worthy Breneman Pseudonym for co-authors, Mary Worthy Thurston (1881 – 1969) and her daughter, Muriel R. Breneman (1914 – 2006). 

Tom Brokaw (1940 – ) Television journalist and author, best known for NBC Nightly News. Born in Webster, South Dakota.

Peter Carrels (1953 – ) Investigative journalist. Native and resident of Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn (1930 – ) Editor, essayist, poet, novelist, and member of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe. Born in Fort Thompson, South Dakota. 

Elizabeth Bacon Custer (1842 – 1933) Author, public speaker, and wife of George Armstrong Custer. Also known as Libbie Bacon. Born in Monroe, Michigan. 

Paula Bosco Damon (1952 – ) Award-winning author and journalist whose columns appear weekly in regional newspapers in the Upper Midwest.

Ella Cara Deloria (1888 – 1971) Educator, anthropologist, ethnographer, linguist, and novelist. Born in the White Swan district of the Yankton Indian Reservation, South Dakota. 

Gilbert Fite (1918 – 2010) Author, academic professor, and historian best known for his works on American agricultural history. Born in Santa Fe, Ohio.

Marjorie Klemme Flados (1926 – ) Writer, registered nurse, and motivational speaker. Wrote about growing up Norwegian and Lutheran in the Midwest. 

Hamlin Garland (1860 – 1940) Novelist, poet, essayist, short story writer, Georgist, and psychical researcher. Born in West Salem, Wisconsin. 

Travis Gulbrandson Author and newspaper reporter. 

Phil Hamman Author and graduate of USF and Augustana University in Sioux Falls, SD. Co-authored the #1 national bestseller Gitchie Girl with wife, Sandy Hamman. 

Mary Woster Haug Regional and national published writer, former teacher and professor.

Linda M. Hasselstrom (1943 – ) Author, poet, and rancher. Born in Houston, Texas. 

Patrick Hicks (1970 – ) Writer, poet, and Writer-in-Residence at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Born in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bernie Hunhoff (1951 – ) Politician, writer, and journalist. Founded South Dakota Magazine. Born in Yankton, South Dakota. 

Arthur R. Huseboe (1931 – ) Author, former teacher, and native of South Dakota.

Tom Kilian (1924 – 2014) South Dakota educator, author, and founder of Kilian Community College. Born in Vilas, South Dakota.

Edith Eudora Kohl (1884 – 1959) Writer and champion of western agricultural development. Born in Huey, Illinois. 

Marilyn Kratz Retired elementary teacher and freelance writer from Yankton, South Dakota. 

Frederick Feikema Manfred (1912 – 1994) Noted Western fiction author. Born in Doon, Iowa and credited with coining the term “Siouxland”. 

Jack W. Marken (1922 – 2005) Editor, author, former English Department head at SDSU, and one of the founders of the South Dakota Committee on the Humanities. Born in Akron, Ohio. 

Kent Meyers Award-winning novelist, essayist, and short story writer. Grew up in southern Minnesota.

Oscar Micheaux (1884 – 1951) Filmmaker and author. Described as “the most successful African-American filmmaker of the first half of the 20th century”. Born in Metropolis, Illinois. 

John E. Miller (1945 – ) Writer and historian of recent American history.

Samuel Miller (1991 – ) Author, musician, and graduate student. Born and raised in Vermillion, South Dakota. 

Matthew Moen (1958 – ) Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Professor of Political Science, and Lohre Distinguished Professor at USD. Born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 

Paula M. Nelson (1951 – ) Professor emeritus, historian, and author. Native of Minnesota.

Kathleen Norris (1947 – ) Poet and essayist. Born in Washington, D.C.

Dan O’Brien (1947 – ) Author, wildlife biologist, and rancher. Born in Findlay, Ohio. 

George Philip (1880 – 1948) Cowboy and member of the South Dakota bar. Emigrated from Morayshire, Scotland. 

Frank Pommersheim (1943 – ) Professor, author, and poet specializing in the field of American Indian Law. Born in Queens, New York.

Jim Reese (1972 – ) Associate Professor of English, author, and poet.

Marcella Remund Poet and English instructor at USD. Native of Omaha, Nebraska and a South Dakota transplant.

Lee Ann Roripaugh (1965 – ) Poet and South Dakota poet laureate. Wyoming native and second-generation Japanese American whose writing focuses on themes of culture and identity in all its forms. 

Arthur Rusch (1946 – ) Politician and member of the South Dakota Senate, representing District 17. Retired Circuit Judge and writer.

Dorothy Hubbard Schwieder (1933 – 2014) Historian, biographer, and academic. First woman to be appointed as a professor in the Iowa State University Department of History. Born in Presho, South Dakota. 

Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve (1933 – ) Author, former teacher and counselor. Born and raised on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, and member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.

Jerry Wilson (1945 – ) Writer, author, and novelist. Born west of the Cimarron River in Oklahoma. Lives in southeast South Dakota.

David A. Wolff Professor emeritus and historian.

Charles L. Woodard (1942 – ) Professor emeritus, editor, and author. Grew up in White, South Dakota.

Zitkala-Sa (1876 – 1938) Sioux (Yankton Dakota) writer, editor, musician, teacher, and political activist. Also known by the name Gertrude Simmons Bonnin. Born on the Yankton Reservation in South Dakota.

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