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4-H Activity

It’s time for the last 4-H activity! This week we learn about the “Power of the Wind”. Learn how to make a pinwheel.

Materials needed:

  • Pencil with a good eraser on it
  • Scissors
  • Stick/straight pin
  • Templates (see below) printed on regular paper or card stock
  • String (maybe 12 inches)
  • Lightweight cup (dixie cup, small plastic/Styrofoam cup, etc.)
  • Pennies
  • Tape
  • Straw
  • Fan

More optional materials:

  • Index Card or cardboard
  • Paperclips
  • Rubber bands

Lift a Load Activity – Printable Directions

Blank Pinwheel Template – Printable

Triangular Pinwheel Template – Printable