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Vermillion Public Library Board of Trustees

The Vermillion Public Library is governed by a six-member Board of Trustees, which meets in the Library once a month. The public is welcome to attend the Vermillion Public Library Board meetings and encouraged to join them with comments, ideas and suggestions. If library patrons have any suggestions or complaints that the Library Director cannot resolve, they may attend a Board of Trustees meeting. Residents may apply to the Mayor of Vermillion for an appointment to the Vermillion Public Library Board of Trustees.


Board of Trustees

Diane Leja [President] (2nd term, term expires 2020)
Gabrielle Strouse [Vice President] (2nd term, term expires 2022)
Greg Redlin (1 partial term, 1 full term, term expires 2020)
Katy Beem (1st term, term expires 2021)
Eric Young (1st term, term expires 2022)

City Council Representative
Kelsey Collier-Wise

Board Meeting Documents

City of Vermillion Citizen Board/Commission Expression of Interest Form