Edith B. Siegrist Vermillion Public Library

Policy Development

The Vermillion Public Library exists to serve the needs of its patrons. Please respect the rights of others when using the facilities and collections of the library, as they are here for all to share. Observing the policies of the Vermillion Public Library helps make the library experience more pleasant and rewarding for all patrons. Let us know how we can help you!

We Are Fine Free!

Edith B. Siegrist Vermillion Public Library is excited to share an announcement with community members. Effective February 18, 2022 the library has eliminated overdue fines for all Library patrons. As of this date, past, present, and future overdue fines for materials will no longer be charged. All outstanding overdue fines will be cleared from patron records. The burden of these fines can limit access to information, knowledge, and the joy of reading for the community. Community members are encouraged to visit and reconnect with their library, check out materials, and return anything they may have at home—fine free. We want our library to be accessible to all community members, and to promote an equitable system that does not disproportionately impact any community members.


Other library systems around the country and the world have been going fine free and we are excited to be joining them! Studies have shown that eliminating fines has positive outcomes including increased patron access to materials and services, reduction of the inequitable impact of overdues fines, improved patron relations with their library, and optimization of library staff time and efficiency. Recent research has also shown that overdue fines do not reliably act as an incentive to ensure borrowed materials are returned on time. The elimination of fines will let us serve more community members more often and with fewer barriers, allowing all community members to enjoy and benefit from the library’s resources.

Overdue fines are the daily charges applied to items not returned by their specified due date. These are the fines that will no longer be charged to patrons. Fees represent the charges applied for lost or damaged materials or services that we provide. Fees are still in effect.

Fees are still applied to lost or damaged materials, as well as services including:

  • Library card replacements
  • Copying/Printing
  • Faxing
  • Purchases of library bags and headphones

We encourage patrons to return materials in a timely fashion so that others may enjoy these shared resources. Library materials can be renewed for up to two additional checkout periods as long as nobody else has placed a reserve on the item. Hotspots can not be renewed. Once library material is overdue your account will be blocked from checking out additional materials until the overdue items are returned. After library materials have been overdue more than 30-days, you will receive a letter/email stating how much that material will cost to replace. After 60 days overdue those items are considered lost, and you will be charged a replacement fee and a bill will be sent. Once any replacement fees have been paid your library card will be available for use again.

Vermillion Public Library Board of Trustees

The Vermillion Public Library is governed by a six-member Board of Trustees, which meets in the library once a month. The public is welcome to attend the Vermillion Public Library Board meetings and encouraged to join them with comments, ideas, and suggestions. If library patrons have any suggestions or complaints that the Library Director cannot resolve, they may attend a Board of Trustees meeting. Residents may apply to the Mayor of Vermillion for an appointment to the Vermillion Public Library Board of Trustees.


Board of Trustees

Wayne Berninger [President] (1st term, term expires 2025)
Lenni Billberg [Vice President] (1st term, term expires 2026)
Jacquelin Wilber (1st term, term expires 2025)
Katy Beem (2nd term, term expires 2024)

Bryce Mayrose (1st term, term expires 2026)

City Council Representative
Travis Letellier

City of Vermillion Citizen Board/Commission Expression of Interest Form