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Helpful Links

Local Links:

  1. City of Vermillion
  2. Clay County
  3. Helpline Center (2-1-1)
  4. Keloland News
  5. National Music Museum
  6. South Dakota Public Broadcasting
  7. University of South Dakota
  8. Vermillion Chamber of Commerce
  9. Vermillion Plain Talk
  10. Vermillion Public Schools

Books, Libraries and Research:

  1. Ancestry Library Database
  2. Library of Congress
  3. Literature Map
  4. State Library of South Dakota
  5. State Library Databases

Health Resources:

  1. American Lung Association
  2. Anxiety and Depression Association of America
  3. The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
  4. Health Resources Services Administration
  5. HealthReach
  6. Medline Plus
  7. National Network of Libraries of Medicine
  8. Native Health Database
  9. Quit Day
  10. The Schizophrenia and Related Disorders Alliance of America
  11. South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations
  12. South Dakota Department of Health
  13. South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care
  14. South Dakota Office of Emergency Management
  15. South Dakota Office of Rural Health
  16. South Dakota State Medical Association
  17. Tox Town
  18. University of South Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Legal Resources:

  1. American Bar Association Section on Civil Rights and Social Justice
  2. Disability Benefits
  3. Federal Bar Association Social Security News
  4. First Circuit Court – Clay County
  5. Legal Aid Resources in Each State
  6. McKusik Law Library, Vermillion, SD
  7. National Disability Rights Network
  8. Senior Citizens Handbook
  9. South Dakota Codified Laws
  10. South Dakota Legal Help
  11. South Dakota Unified Judicial System

Lifelong Learning and Job Skills:

  1. KET Fast Forward
  2. Khan Academy
  3. LinkedIn Job Search
  4. LinkedIn Profinder
  5. LinkedIn Salary
  6. Resume Builder
  7. South Dakota Public Broadcasting
  8. Teaching Channel
  9. WorkforceGPS

Technological Literacy/Assistance:

  1. Digital Literacy
  2. EveryoneOn
  3. Goodwill Community Foundation
  4. Public Library Association: DigitalLearn.Org
  5. Techboomers

Miscellaneous Helpful Links:

  1. Financial Aid Toolkit
  2. Salem Press/Grey House Resources
  3. White Pages

Comprehensive list of useful internet sites, by category:

  1. Internet Sites Listing